Damiano Ferraro's menu
at the Capitolo Primo restaurant of Montallegro

Capitolo Primo Restaurant

The Menu and the cuisine of Damiano Ferraro

The menu of the Capitolo Primo restaurant at Montallegro, in the province of Agrigento, is an array of variety and original dishes, a projection of Chef Damiano Ferraro's creative flair and mastery of his craft.

The restaurant's proposal exalts the taste and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine: Sicily with its history, shapes, colours and contrasts is the protagonist of every course. The dishes, tasty and well balanced, are presented with care. The service and the accompanying wines are impeccable.
The Capitolo Primo restaurant takes care of its guests by always choosing the highest quality ingredients for the preparation of high class dishes. One of the best cuisines of the territory for its quality and professionalism, the Capitolo Primo restaurant at Montallegro, led by Damiano Ferraro, is included in the prestigious Michelin guide and forms part of Le Soste di Ulisse.

Worth trying is the reinterpretation of a classic Sicilian gastronomical delight: the arancina, made using rice cooked with cuttlefish ink, peppers and squid on a reduction of cinnamon-flavoured, tiny datterino tomatoes. Or the potato strozzapreti pasta made with bitter cocoa and black pepper, on a reduction of baby kale, squid, little prawns and an orange embrace; to follow tuna fillet in anchovy emulsion, and to finish a chocolate or ricotta flan.

Dishes that are the triumph of territorial cuisine

The Menu: an experience to be lived with all your senses

Living the land, transmitting his roots, telling the stories of his infancy, this is the tasting experience that Damiano Ferraro's dishes transmit in his menu.

The perfume of ancient ingredients, the respect for tradition brought up-to-date by the creative flair of the chef. An experience to be lived with all your senses, where every element blends in a symphony of emotions. Ingredients that follow the seasons, telling their stories and embellishing them with inventiveness and panache. Traditions that are renewed to become the "first chapter" of your tasting journey. Aromas and flavours, crunchiness and smoothness, embracing sensations and exaltation, an emotion to be lived and savoured at the right pace in a unique ambience, the Relais Briuccia, a charming boutique hotel. 
Adriana Baglio, with her impeccable savoir faire, will be your guide in this journey through the exaltation of taste.

The pleasure of discovery

Tasting menu

PFor those undecided on the menu, we suggest the tasting trail proposed by the chef Damiano Ferraro. It will be an emotional climax, dish after dish.

The series of dishes brought to your table, like a tale of flavours and sensations, is not left to chance. Lunch or dinner at the Capitolo Primo restaurant at Montallegro are a joy for the palate and for the eyes!

Capitolo Primo Restaurant

Charming restaurant
within the Relais Briuccia

Capitolo Primo è un ristorante gourmet di grande charme, che si trova a Montallegro vicino Agrigento all'interno del boutique hotel Relais Briuccia.
A Capitolo Primo va in scena una sofisticata cucina siciliana, tra le migliori cucine del territorio per qualità e professionalità. Il ristorante, guidato da Damiano Ferraro, è inserito nella prestigiosa Guida Michelin.
Lo chef e patron del ristorante Capitolo Primo e la sua socia in affari e nella vita Adriana Baglio, impeccabile padrona di casa di Relais Briuccia, vi accolgono a Montallegro con gentilezza e simpatia.

Briuccia Wine Cellar

Our wines

With a wide and constantly updated selection of wines, where the labels of Sicilian terroirs emerge above the others, the open wine cellar of the Capitolo Primo restaurant boasts a praiseworthy variety with over 500 labels, focusing in particular on the regional wines, from reds to whites, through to the sweet deep notes of the passito varieties.
Adriana Baglio, with her impeccable savoir-faire, will lead you along this journey through the exaltation of taste, to accompany the dishes you will request from the chef Damiano Ferraro's menu.

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