A wine list with more than 500 labels

Well-stocked and prestigious open wine cellar

The Wine Cellar

The wines of the well-stocked cellar available for the Capitolo Primo restaurant, where many of the finest Sicilian labels are stored, are one of the physical and metaphorical stages of your journey of discovery through the authentic flavours of Chef Damiano Ferraro's cuisine.

To taste a wine is an experience that begins with the story of the grapes that ripen in the sun, the whispering of the wines in their barriques, the poetry of bouquet and terroir narrating tales of family and moments of conviviality.

Adriana Baglio, your amiable and refined hostess, will lead you through this part of your gastronomical journey, because the exaltation of taste is achieved thanks to the glass that accompanies your dish.

The magical story of the grapes

Our Wines

The wine stored in the open wine cellar of Relais Briuccia is characterised by an ample and constantly renewed selection of labels, where those from the Sicilian terroir take first place.
Floral and fruity notes, or toasted and spicy, smoothness and balance, various vintages, white or black grapes, vines and terroir, all this enriches your tasting progress for a unique food and wine experience whenever you wish to undertake it.

Experiences at Relais Briuccia

Gourmet aperitif
at the Capitolo Primo restaurant

Eclectic and refined environment, Arab and Spanish atmospheres, romantic sitting rooms where you can begin your tasting journey with an aperitif that will leave its sign thanks to the appetisers prepared by the chef Damiano Ferraro and by the choices offered by your hostess Adriana.

The "Capitolo Primo" of your dinner

The Chef's Aperitif

An aperitif before dinner is a typical Italian tradition, declined by Relais Briuccia to form part of the unique "Capitolo Primo" story.
The aperitif, as understood by your hosts, is an elixir that starts off your evenings with your friends or a romantic dinner. The prelude of a journey through the tastes and aromas of a tradition narrated here with style. Forget hurry, let time stop and open your symphony of tastes with the gourmet aperitif of Damiano Ferraro at Montallegro.

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