Haute cuisine Sicilian restaurant
at Montallegro

Emotions to savour

Restaurant with wine cellar at Montallegro

Capitolo Primo

The Capitolo Primo restaurant, created thanks to the chef Damiano Ferraro and his wife Adriana, is an experience to taste and enjoy at Montallegro, half-way between Agrigento and Sciacca.

Capitolo Primo is a gourmet laboratory with wine cellar, where the best Sicilian cuisine can be found. The variety of dishes and the chef's expertise exalt the taste and flavours of Mediterranean cooking. Sicily with its history, appearances, colours and contrasts is the protagonist of every dish. The charming restaurant is listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide and forms part of the Soste di Ulisse chain.

Sublimation of Sicilian cuisine

Dishes with unique flavour

Chef Damiano Ferraro's proposed menu is expressed in words that evoke the tasting experience you will find at the Capitolo Primo restaurant of Montallegro: aromas and flavours, crunchiness and consistency, texture, balance and sublimation.
The cuisine of Capitolo Primo is an emotion to be lived and enjoyed with the right rhythm.

Transmitting his roots, talking about his childhood feelings, allowing the fruits of the earth to take the stage.... this is the philosophy behind Chef Damiano Ferraro's dishes. At his table is served a selection of local produce supplied by trustworthy farmers who follow the seasons, the aroma of ancient foodstuffs, the poem of tradition brought up-to-date thanks to Damiano's creative flair. Traditions, creativity, refinement constantly renewed so as to be the "first chapter" of your tasting experience.

Chef Patron

Damiano Ferraro

Damiano Ferraro, chef and owner of the Capitolo Primo restaurant at the Relais Briuccia, in his culinary proposals blends imagination and refinement, the sea and the earth.

His experiences in the kitchen began and were forged abroad, until he returned to his beloved native land, like a modern Ulysses. Today Chef Ferraro creates his dishes in the heart of Sicily, half-way between Agrigento and Sciacca, where he divides his time between the kitchen and the Capitolo Primo dining room.

Enthusiastic, hospitable, loyal to the traditions of his land, in his kitchen he blends imagination and refinement, tradition and novelty, and all, as he says himself, with a sweet harmony of aromas and flavours that balance admirably, even if at times apparently baroque, and seem to embrace each other without overcoming the others.

Authentic ambience and precious details

Charming restaurant
in the Relais Briuccia

The Capitolo Primo restaurant occupies the salons of the Relais Briuccia, inheriting the eclectic character of the 19th-century Sicilian aristocratic palace, redolent with the atmosphere of days gone by, and softly whispering memories.

A location where history encounters modernity, where tradition meets with innovation to be served up steaming hot on your table. For those who love the secret hidden corners of Sicily and the refined local flavours this is the place to come: here you will be welcomed by the beauty of the house, Damiano's cooking and the charm of Adriana.
Besides the restaurant, you can book a room at the Relais Briuccia, Montallegro's boutique hotel, near Agrigento, for a delightful stay in Sicily, with a vaguely retro feel but with the most up-to-date services.

Briuccia Wine Cellar

Our wines

Well stocked and first class, the open-to-view Wine Cellar of the Capitolo Primo restaurant is a joy to behold and promises satisfactory sensations for your palate.
Adriana Baglio, with her impeccable savoir faire, will guide you on this journey through the exaltation of flavour.

With a wide, constantly renewed selection of wines, especially those coming from the Sicilian terroir, the cellar can boast an admirable range with more than 500 labels and a special focus on regional wines, from reds and whites through to the sweet. deep notes of the passito varieties.